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To reduce the effect of outliers/leverage points, observations with extreme values need to be taken care of. This macro either deletes (type=delete) or winsorizes (type=winsorize) these observations. (Winsorizing means that the extreme values are 'reset' at for example the 1st and 99th percentiles.)
Trim or winsorize macro
* byvar = none for no byvar;
* type  = delete/winsor (delete will trim, winsor will winsorize;
*dsetin = dataset to winsorize/trim;
*dsetout = dataset to output with winsorized/trimmed values;
*byvar = subsetting variables to winsorize/trim on;
%macro winsor(dsetin=, dsetout=, byvar=none, vars=, type=winsor, pctl=1 99);
%if &dsetout = %then %let dsetout = &dsetin;
%let varL=;
%let varH=;
%let xn=1;
%do %until ( %scan(&vars,&xn)= );
    %let token = %scan(&vars,&xn);
    %let varL = &varL &token.L;
    %let varH = &varH &token.H;
    %let xn=%EVAL(&xn + 1);
%let xn=%eval(&xn-1);
data xtemp;
    set &dsetin;
%if &byvar = none %then %do;
    data xtemp;
        set xtemp;
        xbyvar = 1;
    %let byvar = xbyvar;
proc sort data = xtemp;
    by &byvar;
proc univariate data = xtemp noprint;
    by &byvar;
    var &vars;
    output out = xtemp_pctl PCTLPTS = &pctl PCTLPRE = &vars PCTLNAME = L H;
data &dsetout;
    merge xtemp xtemp_pctl;
    by &byvar;
    array trimvars{&xn} &vars;
    array trimvarl{&xn} &varL;
    array trimvarh{&xn} &varH;
    do xi = 1 to dim(trimvars);
        %if &type = winsor %then %do;
            if not missing(trimvars{xi}) then do;
              if (trimvars{xi} < trimvarl{xi}) then trimvars{xi} = trimvarl{xi};
              if (trimvars{xi} > trimvarh{xi}) then trimvars{xi} = trimvarh{xi};
        %else %do;
            if not missing(trimvars{xi}) then do;
              if (trimvars{xi} < trimvarl{xi}) then delete;
              if (trimvars{xi} > trimvarh{xi}) then delete;
    drop &varL &varH xbyvar xi;
%mend winsor;


Sample usage:

/* invoke macro to winsorize */
%winsor(dsetin=myLib2.q_finalSet, dsetout=myLib2.r_finalWinsorized, byvar=none, 
vars=car_vw_log r_3day_log , type=winsor, pctl=1 99);

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