duplicate entries in compustat north america annual fundamentals??
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Even if i did not change the default settings (it is written on the query page that the default setting should result in a unique gvkey-year combo), I did get a large number of duplicates (same year&gvkey;). Annoyingly enough, the numbers for the variables are usually not even close to each other; sometimes one of the entries has a lot of missing values , but I couldn’t find any pattern. Sometimes the fiscal year changes, but not always. I did remove automatically the first of each duplicate entries since i had no idea which one was the correct one, and WRDS customer service didn’t bother to answer. By the way, could anyone find a working phone number? They refuse to give any,but it is really frustrating to wait every time ages until getting an answer. Got way better customer service from other less pricey data services…

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hi Anac,

If you filter on this: “indfmt=‘INDL’ and datafmt=‘STD’ and popsrc=‘D’ and consol=‘C’”—do you then still have duplicates?




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