Unadjusted Actual eps from a web query
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I am new to IBES.
I want to replicate a paper by Doyle , Lundholm and Soliman (Review of Accounting Studies, 2003), that uses unadjusted actual eps as a measure for firms’ street (pro forma) earnings.
The authors refer to actual eps from IBES unadjusted for actual eps and a flag that indicates whether the eps values are basic or diluted.

I use web query, and access IBES via WRDS. When accessing IBES, I get:

Could you please clarify where to find this data using “a web query” ?

For example; in unadjusted detail actual, I find actual eps without the basic/diluted flag , and in unadjusted detail history , I find the flat but not sure if the eps values are actual eps. They seem to be estimates.

I will much appreciate if you refer to the “exact” data base that one can download for this purpose using ” a web query” .






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I have posted your question on the Google group.

I would think though that the actuals on the summary history should be good (i.e., on the same basis (basic vs diluted), so no flag needed). At the time the 2003 paper was written the actuals were not on the summary files.

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