General Question about WRDs Data
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Dear All,

Let us say i download WRDs data at my old school, and use this data to produce some paper and publish them in a new school without WRDs access ( and without any co-author). Do i have any legal problem? will WRDs sue me?

Can I claim that I did these papers in the old school when I have access to WRDs? If yes, may i claim this way for 5-10 years?

I know find a co-author with access to WRDs will solve all problem, which is what i am going to do. I just want to know if i do above thing, do i break any law?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!


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hi Clark,

I would expect (but am not 100% sure) that you are allowed to use the data in (future) projects, as long as you were allowed access at the time of download.

To be sure, it is best to check with WRDS on this issue. Would you mind posting any follow up here?




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