Quarterly CAPEX and Acquisition data
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Hi all,

These days I’m struggling with measuring quarterly firm investment, such as CAPEX and acquisitions. It seems that Compustat Quarterly only provides year-to-date info on these activities. Other variables such as the reduction / issuance of long-term debt, equity issuance are not readily available in the Quarterly module, either.

- If I really want to gauge firm investment and financing activities on the quarterly level, what should I do?
- How should I interpret the year-to-date data? If the year-to-date CAPEX in the 1st quarter is 100 and 2nd quarter 300, should I say the CAPEX in the 2nd quarter is 200 (=300-100)?

Many thanks!

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hi lcbmouse,

These fields are pretty well populated in the quarterly files: acquisitions (AQCY), capital exp (CAPXY), investing activities (total cash flows) (IVNCFY),
financing activities (total cash flows) (FINCFY). Somewhat well populated (assuming ‘missing’ means zero) is R&D exp (XRDY).

Please double-check by inspecting the records, but yes, for the year-to-date variables take the increase in that quarter (like you pointed out).

You could also use SDC to measure M&A activity.

hope this helps,



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