How can I get crsp_m
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Hi joost,
  I extract a piece of sas code from WRDS, as follows.

%let begdate = 01MAR1980;
%let enddate = 31DEC2010;
/* Create a CRSP Subsample with Monthly Stock and Event Variables */
/* Restriction on the type of shares (common stocks only)      */
%let sfilter = (shrcd in (10,11));
/* Selected variables from the CRSP monthly data file (crsp.msf)  */
%let msfvars = prc ret shrout cfacpr cfacshr;
/* Selected variables from the CRSP monthly event file (crsp.mse) */
%let msevars = ncusip exchcd shrcd ;
/* This procedure creates a Monthly CRSP dataset named “CRSP_M”  */

  When I run this piece of code, there is an error in SAS which says “ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order”.
  The error occurs at the last procedure, which creates the CRSP_M.
  Is there anything wrong when I generate CRSP_M?


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hi Xinjiao,

These are macro function calls, so you need macro debugging facilities to find out what is going on.

See this article here for pointing out the main mechanisms:

I would suggest to use MPRINT with MFILE; this will write the code that SAS runs into a text file. You can then inspect this textfile and run it. It should generate the same error, and then you will know which line ‘triggers’ the error.

Hope this helps,



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