SPLTICRM—S&P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating
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Dear Forum,

I have question concerning the following COMPUSTAT item:

“SPLTICRM—S&P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating
The Standard & Poor’s Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) is a current opinion of an issuer’s overall creditworthiness, apart from its ability to repay individual obligations.”


I am wondering if there is any indicator in COMPUSTAT that would help me to differentiate between firm-year observations with a credit rating and firm-year obs without a rating, at all.
Since, COMPUSTAT has only the S&P data available, I cannot be certain, whether observations might have a rating of any other agency (e.g. moody’s or Fitch).

I am particular interested in the case: 
Obs with S&P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating
obs without a long term issuer credit rating, at all.

If anyone has an answer or hint with regard to my question, I would highly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

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hi Suiram,

Sorry for my late reply - I am posting your question to the Google group, and will post any replies here.

best regards,



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