SRCYEAR variable in Execucomp
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Who can tell me how can I find the SRCYEAR variable

Clarification about AGE variable.

The AGE (PAGE) variable is considered a ‘header’ variable in Execucomp. This means the database will only show the latest known age of the executive for all observations in the database.

The Compustat Executive Compensation PAGE variable gives the age of the given executive as of the date of the filing of the most recent data year’s proxy, 10K or prospectus. This date is given in the variable SRCYEAR. As a result, the ages of the executives don’t vary with the data year (the value of the variable YEAR - the fiscal y.


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I have used ‘variable search’ of WRDS (, and this variable does not seem to exist.

If you are looking for an executive’s age, variable AGE in Execucomp ANNCOMP may work; it doesn’t seem to be a ‘header’ variable, but the age of the executive in the fiscal year.

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