question about discretionary accrual models
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Dear Joost and the forum,

I read the discretionary accrual sas code again recently, I noticed that the main regression is by cyear sic2. Is there any reason we need to run this model on the calander year?

I think we are using accruals in other research on the fiscal year, such as aduit fee = discretionary accrual + other controls. This kind of model will have both indpendent and dependent variables defined on the fiscal year, am i right?

Based on this, are we suppose to run the discretionary accrual on the fiscal year, instead of cyear?

Any comments are highly appreciated! smile



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hi Zenghui,

Yes, I noticed that too. I am not sure what the idea would be behind this. It probably doesn’t matter smile I will ask the author though.

update: the author (Adam Yore) mentioned it shouldn’t matter much, but the idea was to ‘undo’ any changes in fiscal year (for the few firms that change their fiscal year).

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