Obtain monthly analyst forecast on EPS from I/B/E/S detail and unadjusted detail file
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Dear Joost,

Could u tell me how to get the monthly forecast on EPS from I/B/E/S detail and unadjusted detail file? I choose fiscal 1 year and Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 ....until Quarter 4. But it doesn’t work. For FPI 1, the forecast value appears on end of year. for Q1, the data appears in June. not continuously 12 month per year.

Many thanks!

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The FPI variable (Forecast Period Indicator) needs to be used together with periodicity (FISCALP) and Forecast Period End Date (SAS Format) (FPEDATS).

When FPI equals 1, periodicity will be ‘ANN’ (annual), and FPEDATS will be the end of current fiscal year (so, like you say, FPI 1 gives a fiscal year). FPI 2 means the next fiscal year.

For quarterly forecasts, FPI will be in the range of 6, 7, 8, 9, etc., where 6 is the current quarter (and periodicity will be ‘QTR’). Likewise, the next quarter is FPI 7, etc. So, which quarter is the current quarter? That depends on FPEDATS (end of quarter) and the date of the observation (STATPERS). These quarters are measured relative to the date of the IBES record. It is not the case that FPI 6 is Q1, FPI 7 is Q2, etc.

I hope this helps,



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