Screening the Compustat Database for IPOs that happened in a certain time interval
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I have a question regarding IPOs and “searching the entire database”.

I want have the names and dates of all companies that IPOed after 2010 at the NYSE.

My approach is to “search the entire dataset” with the logical conditions:
IPO Date > 2010/01/01
Security Exchange code = 11

As an output, I only want to have the IPO dates, the ticker and the company names.

However, there is no output returned. Probably because i am searching the complete dataset and the delivered output is greater than 2 gigabyte.

Am I missing something here? The names and dates etc, of all the companies , delivered in a zppped .xls format is never going to be greater than two gigabyte.
Does someone see the error that I am making?

Thanks for any help!

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hi JPeters,

The first thing that comes to mind is that the date filter may not work, because the resulting dataset shouldn’t be too large (definitely not empty).
Maybe you can ‘play’ a little with different formats.

An alternative is using Jay Ritter’s IPO data, which is publicly available, see




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