Count # of firms an analyst covers / Count # of analysts a broker employs
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I like to get
1. Count # of firms an analyst covers
2.Count # of analysts a broker employs

My questions are:
which files do I use in IBES ?

is there a variable for count or do I need to program it?



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hi Rochelle,

As far as I know,I am afraid you will need to program it. IBES is set up to find recommendations for firms, not recommendations for analysts. You will need to use detail files, because the summary files are aggregate.
The detail files include ‘events’ (as in: new recommendation, updated recommendation), so you will need to decide some sort of horizon to decide if a firm follows a firm. (And, you need to decide at which point in time you measure #firms for an analyst: end of year, end of quarter, etc).

I would think you need to construct a dataset like this:
date, firm_id, analyst_id, broker_id

It is probably good to start with a single analyst for a single date and then generalize that for all analysts once it is ticking. So, take one analyst and see which firms he was covering on december 31, 2012. So, which recommendations will you include? From sept-dec 31, or july 1-dec 31? Keep in mind analysts forecast different periods (coming quarter, quarter after that, fulll year,etc).

If you have that, you group by analyst and broker id to answer your 2 questions.

Hope this helps,



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