expected squared error in mean forecast
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Hi, all

some of you probably computed this statistics, if so, could you let me know

if I should winsorize the data

variables I computed

1. (mean analyst forecast - actual EPS ) **2 (i.e. second power)

2. forecast dispersion, which is sample variance of analyst forecast

when I run proc means in sas for the two variables, I go maxmium greater than 200,000.

is this an error on my part OR you have seen such large values, and dealt with it using winsorization. if so, which one to winsorize?


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hi Rochelle,

I would winsorize the first variable before taking its power. Did you consider scaling this variable? All things equal, a higher stock price will give a higher EPS and that will boost the metrics (so instead of capturing - I suppose - uncertainty, this gets mixed with firm size as larger firms have higher stock prices).

200,000 seems like a very large number; if you would look at that obs and recalculate it should be clear if there were errors.

Hope this helps (a little),



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