about CUSIP for fixed income issues
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Hi all,

I am working bond data and I noticed that @, #, *, I
and O (not zero) show up as the sixth digit in issuers’ CUSIP in my
fixed income dataset. I did a little comparison, it turned out that the five characters don’t show up as the sixth digit
in any NCUSIP of CRSP stock name file, such as msename.

So, I am wondering, whether issuers whose sixth digit of their CUSIP is one of the five characters are a private company?

In addition, although I know that fixed income issues are labeled using letters instead of digits for the CUSIP suffix,
I am wondering, whether the issue is special when the issue’s CUSIP contains *, @, or #? If so, what
do the three special characters represent? Or is it just the same as other letters?

Thanks all!

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hi Nan,

I am afraid I have no experience with bond data. Maybe this page will help you further: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUSIP

good luck,



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