How much time to become a good Perl programmer ?
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If you really need good (experienced ?) Perl programmers from the local market and you don’t find the perfect match you can either hire less experienced programmers whom already have 1-2 year of Perl behind them and give them more time or you can hire people experienced in some other language (e.g. 7-10 years in Java or C/C++ ?) and teach them Perl.
I wonder which approach is better ?
How long would it take for a good (expereinced ?) Java/C/C++ programmer to be good in Perl ?
Sure one cannot get 5 years experience in Perl just within a few month but with the heavy background in other languages it might be better than someone who has only 1-2 years of Perl and no other programming experience.


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Karneval Kostüme

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It’s better to hire less experience person, and give them certain time period.

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