Negative Price in the CRSP database
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Question: Negative prices in CRSP for stock prices?

Answer:  Prc is the closing price or the negative bid/ask average for a trading
day. If the closing price is not available on any given trading day, the
number in the price field has a negative sign to indicate that it is a
bid/ask average and not an actual closing price. Please note that in this
field the negative sign is a symbol and that the value of the bid/ask
average is not negative.

If neither closing price nor bid/ask average is available on a date, prc
is set to zero. In a monthly database, prc is the price on the last
trading date of the month. The price series begins the first month-end
after the security begins trading and ends the last complete month of

If the security of a company is included in the Composite Pricing network,
the closing price while listed on NYSE or AMEX on a trading date is the
last trading price for that day on the exchange that the security last

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