How To Use the ABORT (?) Statement To Cancel a SAS Download in Process
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Hello Joost,

I’m playing with some CRSP datasets and am in the process of accidentally downloading the wrong dataset (erdport2 instead of ermport2).

The download will take about 20 minutes to complete, so if possible I’d like to simply cancel the download so I can run the correct code instead.

I realize I will probably just have to wait this one out, but this isn’t the first time I’ve made this mistake… so I’d like to be able to correct it going forward!

I looked around a little online, but still struggle w/ SAS intuition and syntax.

Is it the ABORT statement?



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hi Matt,

Yes, you can abort by hitting the ‘break’ (exclamation mark in circle), select option ‘1. TCP send/recv task’ and then click ‘A to Abort All Active Communications’. (SAS may continue running the remainder of the script).

You might like this code though, , which you can use to download WRDS datasets (and create indices) for datasets you regularly use.

best regards,




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